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Georgia Realty Associates
We’ll be bold for you.

Georgia Realty Associates realize that your home is priceless, as it’s filled with your family’s love and memories.

Our mission: to maximize your profits in the shortest time possible.
That’s why our firm’s approach to buying/selling is unique and will be customized especially for you and your specific needs.

Not only are we knowledgeable, but we are both bold and tenacious– ensuring you receive the most accurate information, strategic marketing services, and a winning experience that maximizes your profits in the shortest time possible in this extremely competitive market.

Considerations for your home

  • Most important: Get the precise, correct marketable price for your home. [We call this our SoldBold Price]
    Not off of a website – not a computer-generated price projection – but an actual price that accounts for every detail of your unique home ensures great success with the sale of your home. When the price is underestimated, you risk giving up profits. When the price is overestimated, you risk having the one house on the street that was slow to sell, ultimately losing both time and money. Your Georgia Realty Associate will provide the precise SoldBold price to market your home right now. In fact – many of our associates are certified with the National Association of Broker Price Opinions Professionals which holds their members to a higher standard than average agents in the home valuation process. We may even recommend getting a pre-listing valuation by a licensed appraiser. Price it “right”, not “wrong”, is the most important key to your success.

  • Guaranteed fast cash offers: Frankly everyone does this now and these offers tend to be far, far below marketable price. [often 17%-40% below market value.]
    Often times – What seemed a good deal, quickly became a nightmare. This Seller, with no agent, is left to fend for themself against a large corporate buyer. Sellers are disappointed when the seemingly “great profits” disintegrate halfway through the “quick sale, cash-only-buyer” process, with demands for major repair $ credits and high $ transaction fees. In these situations, buyers get so exhausted that they simply give in and leave tens of $thousands of profits on the table. However – due to extenuating circumstances, sometimes a super-quick sale is in your best interest. In those cases – Georgia Realty Associates will be your advocate, helping you make the best gains; Our Associates will provide you up to 3 cash offers – some of the highest cash offers in the industry.

  • Renovated/Updated homes sell for 10% to 40% more than “un-renovated”.
    If needed – we have partner contractors that will complete the renovations now, but you don’t pay until Closing. Imagine that!
    [Sell the same house for either $280K or $350K; In the case of the higher price – after cost of repairs, perhaps you’d net $30K more profit than you would have without the renovations]

  • “I can’t buy until I sell”: We have your solution!
    In this extremely competitive market, you do not have to miss out on the very best “new” home for your family. Our Solution: We will arrange to buy the “new” home right now, before selling your current home. In this case – your offer will be cash (no finance contingency), and we can even Close fast (in 21 days or so). Imagine the competitive buying power you command as an all-cash, quick-close buyer! Then after we have Sold/Closed your “current” home for maximum profits, you then will be able to engage your mortgage on the “new” home which has already been secured for you. [In fact – you can move to the new home, weeks before Selling/Closing your current home, simplifying the usually hectic move and Closing Day schedule often associated with buying and selling a family home.]

As you can see – Georgia Realty Associates will be bold for you, putting you in the driver’s seat while buying/selling your home.

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